Sunday, 13 November 2011


In this age and era, you don't need to take a trip the jungle to get your hands on a python around your shoulder. It would be frankly frightening. Good thing is you don’t have to trek the jungle to grab yourself an anaconda or python but you can still walk around carrying a snake (well, something snake-like anyway) in the form of a snakeskin bag. Both snake skins and tassels have been a big story on the catwalks for AW2011 and selling fast. Celebrities it seems are also Python crazy embracing the reptilian trend in fashion, with stars such as Zoe Saldana seen carrying a beautiful Gerard Darel fall tote bag and BeyoncĂ© with a Tory Burch python. Cindy Crawford is also seen with a snakeskin, Katie Holmes glowing with her Fendi snakeskin and Halle Berry completing the set with her python complete with snakeskin sandals. You couldn’t make it up! Yes, their styles, along with some below, are serpents that should successfully tempt you. So snakeskins are in, are you?

Grab yourself an anaconda with one of these colourful styles

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Snakeskin Print Tote Brown                             

Snakeskin Print Tote Pink                              

Snakeskin Print Tote Grey                                  

Snakeskin Clutch with Tassels

Are you in?
Halle Berry with a python


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