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The modern party girl (or guy) needs to not only look impressive when painting the night club red but they also need to stand out from the generic masses; you need to own the place, be the life and soul of the party. But it's not that simple to know exactly what's the best style to do this is. The key to being well dressed for a night club or party for that case is to steer clear of generic high street fashion or whatever is in vogue and instead go for what's right for you, SIMPLE. It's about having your own flair and style of dressing and staying with it. But there are a few general pointers that will help you when you are preparing for any club.


Minis will always be in vogue when it comes to clubbing for many girls. By this we don’t mean the barely-cover-the-ass micro minis. Not that they are bad, you just might not even get into the club like this lady who was banned from all night clubs in the Midlands for turning in micro minis Here.  It has to be edgy fashion, showing just enough and letting other peoples wild imaginations do the rest for you. As for shoes, you cannot beat high heels, and we mean so high you trotter out of the club like Jordan. Add a tiny weeny clutch bag and you've nailed clubwear glamor. As for accessorizing, an ornamental necklace or beautiful bangle will complete the look and off you can go to strut your stuff. I often get asked by people on what you should wear to a night club versus what you should wear to a party. First things first, dressing for a party can be a minefield especially if it will involve family. However a s a rule of thumb, it’s better to focus on looking decent at parties visa vis night clubs where its more or less a free-for-all dress fest, where people can get away with…pretty…anything. But the next time you are buying your club or party outfit, keep these points in mind.

A Party Dress with Sophistication, Design and Class!

Provided by Rhinestone Clubwear

Provided by Rhinestone Clubwear



This is actually easier said than done but most people with a very high personal sense of style usually eschew high street fashion and go for their own thing. If you are always following what everyone is wearing on the high street, then your style is also likely to be other peoples because you are wearing what everyone else is wearing on the high street. I'm are not bashing high street but once in a while, look around for designers or labels that are not Top Shop, Miss Selfridge or part of the generic mass produced stuff that everyone else is wearing. There are a few labels out there that make really fabulous partywear and clubwear. One of my favorites is Club L.

Me in a Club L Lace Partytime Dress

Provided by Rhinestone Clubwear

Provided by Rhinestone Clubwear
Club L are a small label but damn do they compensate with some fabulous partywear and clubbing styles. Others are Rare, Asos, and Rhinewear (new partywear label). Lipsy used to do really fabulous partywear but since they were taken over by Next, their clothes seem to be getting worse. To be fair, if you are the type that really loves their high street fashion, if you can find a formula, and change a few details to suit the seasons, you will be fine.


When it comes to sparkly fashion and dresses, sequin rocks because it’s not only a simple and easy solution that adds glamour to any style-conscious girl’s frock, whether you are heading to pub, club or for a posh night out, sequin is guaranteed to make heads turn. Sequin dresses make the best club looks, FACT. Gold sequin, silver sequin and black sequin dresses are especially disco worthy and are usually the most popular sequin colors for clubbing especially if they come as one shoulder sequin or sleeveless sequin dresses.

And by the way, don’t be tempted by neon as clubwear. It’s usually cheesy and just not classy enough to impress even if you think you'll stand out unless its this neon embellished sequin dress by Miss Selfridge which is an exception. I think its fabulous and perfect for clubbing.

The Neon Exception by Miss Selfridge

The Neon Exception by Miss Selfridge

Also sequin miniskirts look strange in clubs but sequin hot pants are a definite yes.

Ok girls and guys, off i go now to rock n roll and thanks Rhinestone Clubwear for the fab dresses!!! VIV OUT


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